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Ward Halverson - Child, Family, & Veteran Therepist
Who Is Ward Halverson

Ward is a child and family therapist based in Herkimer, New York, whose clinical specialty involves working with families who are struggling with their children.

He also works with adults, couples, families in general, and veterans. His office is located on 417 East German Street – just across from the WIC and Planned Parenthood building on the north side of Herkimer.

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Family and Child Family Services

Thousands of families in the Herkimer County area struggle with problems, such as depression, anxiety, irrational fears, and attention-deficit issues, as well as marriage and communication challenges, conflict, stress, moods, discipline - it doesn't matter.

Ward is one of the most qualified, experienced, competent family therapists anywhere in the area.

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What Can We Do For Your Family?

If you’re struggling with kids who are oppositionally defiant, you’re in safe hands with Ward Halverson.

For more than ten years, Ward has helped families learn how to manage children who fight against the rules, argue with authority figures, blame others for their misbehavior, deliberately annoy people, and use temper tantrums to get their way.

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Choosing the Right Therapist

If you are currently in crisis: The process of choosing a helpful therapist takes some time, thought, and focus. If you are currently in a crisis, or are worried that you might hurt or kill yourself or someone else, please contact your community's mental health center, hospital emergency room, or crisis hotline. In Herkimer and Oneida County, call the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team at 732-6228.

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The SimpleThree Treatment System That Ends Childhood Defiance.
SimpleThree Treatment
SimpleThree is a highly-structured system of child management and accountability designed to end - usually in about a week - oppositional defiance and childhood anger management problems.

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Regular Business Hours
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Monday 8AM - 5PM    
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Friday 8AM - 5PM
The MBTI The MBTI - or the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator - is an instrument based on years of observations by the psychologist Carl Jung and by the instrument's authors, Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Bridges. Family members use it to understand each other better. Teachers and students use it to make learning more interesting and efficient. Young people and adults use it to choose careers that are likely to hold their interest and use their gifts. Organizations use type information to improve communication, teamwork and leadership.
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